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Lorna Gee

Lorna Gee is an award winning Reggae singer & MC both here in the UK & overseas. Since the early 1980's Lorna blazed the trail for female MCs, especially amongst the famous Saxon sound system, as well as stints on Nasty Rockers and other south London crews. Her signature song, "Gotta Find A Way" has been an anthem for people striving to improve their lot in life and is still a smash in Reggae dances and clubs right across the country. Even as she has become an accomplished actress with West End stage and TV credits to her name, she has still pledged support to the cause of UK based Reggae musicians and performers by volunteering her time on the management committee of the Reggae Fraternity UK. She has been through all the important stages of the UK Reggae industry and will have an invaluable input for all of the Song for Jamaica participants


Leroy Wilson - Arema

Leroy is a founder member of one of north west London's leading Reggae group, Arema. With over 30 years as a singer and keyboardist, he was the driving force behind their monster hit "I'm In Love With You Darling" which was followed by "Blow My Mind". Currently he is on the management committee of Reggae Fraternity UK (RFUK), the leading representative organisation for Reggae musicians across the whole country. RFUK exists to help Regae musicians make the most of their talents and creativity in this very competitive industry.



Kennedy is another important element of the UK's Reggae Industry. He has covered most of the promotional, management and publishing facets of this industry over the past 20 years and represents Reggae artists across the world for their publishing requirements. He is a walking encyclopedia on Reggae Music and whatever he doesn't know about this music is probably not worth knowing anyway.



Diane "Bassy D" is the UK's number one female Reggae bass guitarist. She is also the General Manager of the BBMC which is a music complex that is steeped in the history of the UK's Reggae music scene. The BBMC started in 1981 and has consistently provided a range of services for musicians and artists from the world of Reggae and other genres. Its services include a recording studio, rehearsal facilities, an education department and a performance area. Diane was also the bass player in the UK's leading Reggae band and still is called on to provide her bass skills for music productions, showcases and tours. She is also the founder of Reggae Star Factor so is well aware of the challenges that aspiring Reggae performers have to face in order to pursue their love for the music.



Keith has built up a solid reputation and career as one of the UK's leading Reggae musicians and producers. He is known as a musician's musician, as whilst his name may not be on the lips of the average Reggae fan, he is well known for his work throughout the industry in the important elements of the background work that hols the scene together.



For over 30 years, Roy Medallion has been one of the UK's stalwart club DJ's playing Reggae Music to thousands of loyal fans. His speciality is in fact his UK Lovers Rock selection. 

Such has been his impact on this genre that he is always chosen as the prime DJ on the UK's major UK Reggae Showcases.