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Nasseem  Shafai

City: London

My real name is Nasseem Shafai . . aka . . Deblend, I am a singer songwrighter with a different kinda flava! I've got nothing but passion, hard work, comitment and dedication to give. Music and singing is my life. I haven't been singing all that long as other life experiances took hold of me before I was able to break in to what I love doing the most. I am also studying Criminal Law to work in defence, in this life you need a plan B as there are no gaurantee's . There are 2 very important people in my life my mum and my sole mate u know who u r . . hold it down my love is tight no one inspires me more . . I am also a dancer although since focusing on the singing and music its taken a back seat, still its all there.