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Ieva  Gaigalaite

City: Bristol

Hey there, dont really know what to write here because im pretty new here, but ill start with basic stuff like: im from Lithuania...Living in England for 5 and a half years... started to model about half a year ago, and really enjoying it, learning from it and growing as a person with it. Been performing from the age of 5, either dancing or acting, and it has been a huge part of me whiles growing up. 

 Now however i'm studying in an Arts university, Doing fashion design and loving every moment of it... I'm a very broad person,fast learner, hard worker, love to work alone and in a group with other people, very easy going and always having something to say so theres hardly a pause or an akward silence, unless the other person is really closed up, but that hardly ever happends, oh look at me already talking nonsence here... I'll finish it here, hope you enjoyed reading this, but this hardly sayd what kind of person i am, so i think you'll have to get to know me more to put a judgement on me... :)